Problem Scenario 29:  You have been given below patient data information in a file called patient.csv

First Name|Last Name|Address|Mobile|Phone|ZipCode
Amit|Jain|A-646, Cheru Nagar, Chennai|999999999|98989898|600020
Sumit|Saxena|D-100, Connaught Place, Delhi|1111111111|82828282|110001
Ajit|Chaube|M-101, Dwarka puri, Jaipur|2222222222|32323232|302016
Ramu|Mishra|P-101,Ahiyapur, Patna|4444444444|12121212|801108

Please accomplish following activities
1. Load this csv file in hdfs. 
2. Create database in Hive named as "PatientInfo"
3. Create a Hive table in following format name PatientDetail

Name < First Name, Last Name>
Address< HouseNo, LocalityName, City, Zip>
Phone < Mobile,Landline>

4. Make sure hive table store data in a Sequence File format.
5. Location of data , file created should be 


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